The Blood Pudding

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Raw literature on the human condition. 

Poetry that crackles and pops. Fiction to ruin a lifetime. Nonfiction too beaut.

O U R  T A S T E B U D S : We go and lose our banana marbles for raw voices, stories about the human condition and untold perspectives. That’s the one-liner. There are many lines to read in our archives and this is really the only way to get to know what we’re drawn to. In most cases, when the writing is good, it can be about anything.

We accept 100 words, flash fiction (including micro), short stories, nonfiction, poetry and manuscripts.

General rules:

  • Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please withdraw your piece through Submittable if it is accepted elsewhere.
  • F O R M A T T I N G : Double space. Poetry can be single or otherwise. She is hip like that. Sans serif / serif font please. We prefer .doc and .docx files but also accept PDF, if you must.
  • W O R D  C O U N T S : Flash up to 1000. Short stories and non-fiction 1000-4000. Poetry no word count. We do publish outside word counts, but rarely. Up to 6000, for example. All depends on the work. Each must be considered in its own light.

For full submission guidelines see our website here.

The Blood Pudding