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T A S T E B U D S : The Blood Pudding is a voice-obsessed boutique publisher of online fiction, nonfiction, poetry and of in print books. We like raw, unique voices that speak about the human condition. Writing that comes from a place of truth, something that matters. It might be something mundane like a plant, but it is so urgent, it screams out of you like a rocket. You have The Tick.

Key Words: Imperfection. Vulnerability. Mistakes. Being alone. Empathy. Social Issues. And The Big, The Bad, The Mad-Bad Weirds.

READ US! You can get an idea what we like by keeping up-to-date with us. BUT, we don’t know what we like until we see it, as the cliché goes. If we haven’t yet published about that plant that you’re writing about, yet it’s urgent and raw and has The Big, The Bad, The Mad-Bad Weirds, don’t go discounting us.

We are especially motivated to provide a platform for traditionally marginalized voices. Black voices, women, queer people, non-binary folk. We want to make you heard.

F A S T E R   R E S P O N S E : You can now check a box for $2 and we’ll make sure we reply within 7 days. For manuscripts, allow up to 30 days for this faster response.

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Check our guidelines for other details such as specific word counts.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed and encouraged.

Multiple submissions are allowed but please submit separately to account for the reading fee.

We only accept previously unpublished work.

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Micro, Flash and Short Stories!

Micro- 1-300 words

Flash- 300-1000 words

Short Stories: 1000-400 words

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Memoir, diaries, creative nonfiction, essays, (book and film) reviews & interviews! All nonfiction to be submitted for consideration here. Anything about the Black Lives Matter movement is also encouraged.

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Submit up to 3 poems. No word count.

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